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A&S Competitions, Triple Threat Challenge, Classes, and Fiber Arts Salon

Minster of Arts & Sciences:  Lady Elisabeta Fischer musidora4@gmail.com

Arts and Sciences Competitions

We will be hosting 2 A&S competitions during the event!  Both competitions will be displayed and voted on by the populous in attendance at the event via a bean count.

1.  "Hidden Gems".  Have you ever made a scroll and hidden a Tardis in it?  Or perhaps you made a banner with a modern company logo amidst the design?  Then this is the competition for you!  Use period items to hide modern insignia or items.  Your entry can be anything SCA inspired that you have made, for example a piece of garb, a scroll, a banner, or even a shield.   Your are only limited by your imagination.

2.  "Largesse Gifts".  For this competition, we simply ask that you make one dozen of any item that will be given to the Crown and handed out as populous gifts in the future.  These items can be anything SCA related, but remember they will need to store and transported by the Crown to events.   Please label each item with what it is made from and your name. 

Triple Threat Challenge

For this challenge, we are asking you to participate in three specific activities (A&S, volunteering, and fighting) during the event to qualify for an awesome prize!  No need to worry if you are not a fighter, all thumbs in A&S, or even to busy to volunteer, you can double up in one category to make up for it.  For example:  if you are not a fighter, you may do 2 volunteer spots and 1 A&S activity to qualify.  (A&S activities include either of the two competitions or take an A&S class).  All who qualify will be asked to participate in a final challenge round during feast (challenge to be determined).  The Triple Threat Challenge Winner will receive an amazing pair of winingas (viking leg wraps) in red and yellow diamond weave pattern.  (Made by our very own THL Audette la Tricouteuse de Saint Denis.)  

Sign-up sheets and all the rules will be available at the gate table. 


More information to come.  If you wish to teach a class or make a presentation on a topic, please email the A&S minister your topic, resources, and space needed.


Experience aboard the replica of the Gokstad presented by Debb Spear

Fiber Arts Salon

Hosted by THL Audette la Tricouteuse de Saint Denis

Do you hear the call of string? Does spinning really turn your whorl? Does weaving harness your attention? Or, do want to learn some mad spinster skills? What the heck is the difference between a rigid heddle and an inkle loom? How about between a spindle and a bobbin?

Join us at the Fluffy Arts Salon being held at Courting on the River. We will have fiber arts equipment on display, and a few willing accomplices demonstrating and discussing their skills. Bring along your wheel, loom, spindle, needles, etc, and join in the fun. If it involves the making or using of string, it will be welcome! Clewes will abound and bobbins will be filled.