Learn more about our local officers!

Seneschal Device. red background with gold key


The groups legal representative
Count Hagan (mka Joshua Mock)
[email protected]

exchequer device


Local Treasurer 
Lord Reginald Canter  (mka Kevin Rounds) 

[email protected]

A&S device. Blue background with a white doorway with a white candle inside the doorway

Minister of the Arts and Sciences

Arts and Projects Coordinator

Lady Sorcha Cunningham (mka Amy Blasko)
[email protected]

Herald Device. Green background with crossed yellow horns


This person can help you research and apply for your name and coat of arms

Lady Karayil of Chennai (mka Sierra Rutledge)
[email protected]

Webminister device. Black spider on a white background with red above


Keeping these pages alive!
Lady Elisabeta Fischer (mka Elisabeth DeCrane)

[email protected]

Chatelaine device. Green background with gold key


Welcomes newcommers
Lady Deanna of Dark River (mka Deanna Tumbleson)
[email protected]

Heavy Marshal device. Black background with crossed yellow swords

Knights Marshall

Coordinates fighter practices and training
Baron Dafydd y Saer (mka David Apple)
[email protected]

Rapier Marshal device. Black background with crossed yellow rapiers

Rapier Marshall

Coordinates rapier fighter practice and training
Lord Tyberious Haroldson (mka Ryan Sanders)

[email protected]

Chronicler device. Red across the top. Black on the left with a white feather. White on the right with a black feather.


Secretary of Dark River
Lord Alexander Faustner (mka Josh Rounds)
[email protected]

Social Media Officer

Manages Dark River’s social media accounts
Lady Ates Ejderhasi (mka Samantha DeCrane)
[email protected]