Courting on the River 2023: A&S Activities

We will be having both an A&S competition and classes!

Our A&S Competition will be a casual bean count.

As the wheels of time mark the 45th anniversary for the Shire of Dark River, our MOAS Lady Sorsha, requests those competing in our Arts & Sciences competition to create a timepiece their persona would use. And, as 45th anniversaries are celebrated with sapphires, extra points will be given to those that include blue.

Email Lady Sorsha at [email protected] with any questions about the A&S Competition.

Class and other activities information!
10:00-11:00~ Kumihimo 101 taught by Constance De Dunbretton.
Come make three different round (Kakugumi) cords while learning a little bit about the history of kumihimo.
Islamic Embroidery: Pattern Darning Stitch
With THL Ghadah Falak Noor. 
Learn the Islamic pattern darning stitch to adorn garb, pouches, kerchiefs, seat cushions etc… 
Class limit 10
Cost $15
Includes: class notes and supplies for in class practice. In addition to supplies to create an inlined 6”x8” unlined pouch.
Supplies included: Class notes, yarn, plastic canvas, needle. Linen, cotton embroidery floss, beeswax, needle and snips
12:00-1:00~ Introduction to Maille
Presented by Bunny of Dark River
Number of Participants: 12 maximum
Equipment: Pliers to use will be supplied by the instructor supply kits can be purchased from the instructor for $5
Class description: This class will be a hands on lesson on the classic European 4n1 style weave. There will be a brief history of Maille and a demo of turning rings.. the lesson will go to opening and closing rings then putting them together to make the example projects.
1:00-2:00~ Ancient Hellenic Material Culture: Pottery and Statuary
Presented by: Lady Astra Korinthia
An overview of the evolution of Hellenic art through the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods with a focus on pottery and sculptures
1:30-2:30~ SCA Roundtable Discussion
Presented by Baroness Hillary of Langforde
The primary focus of this roundtable will be up to participants. It is open to everyone, newcomers, experienced members, peers, dependents and students. The overall goal is to be a resource for those with questions and working together to create a sense of community within the SCA. While I won’t have all answers, I will facilitate discussions to assist participants in discussion leading to discovery and the sharing of ideas. Potential talking points can be: Peer/dependent relationships Service in the SCA Caring for volunteers Pelican Q and A Newcomers Recruitment and retention Any other issues, concerns and and considerations participants wish to discuss
Other Activities!
10:00-12:00~ Bardic Circle
We’ve got a bardic circle! Do you want to sing, tell stories, recite poems, play an instrument? Would you like to listen to them? Have you ever just wondered what is this bardic stuff, but it’s always so late in the day? Come on in and join us! Everyone is welcome, no matter the experience level, whether you are a performer or audience, or a little of both! We hope to see and hear you there! Hosted by Hilla Stormbringer Contact me at [email protected] for more information
12:15-1:15~ Afternoon Tea
Join Lady Zaphira for a spot of afternoon tea. It will not be your Grandmama’s tea party since we will also be engaging in tea dueling.  Tiffin Master Zaphira will instruct all combatants in the fine art of the duel.
1:30-3:30~ Gaming Salon
In Medieval times, when people had down time, they enjoyed dancing and music, storytelling and games. At this years, Courting on the River, we are featuring our 1st Gaming Salon, hosted by Lady Sorsha and Lord Tyberious. This year we are featuring Chess, Backgammon, Hounds and Jackals, Fox and Geese, 9 Man Morris and Tafl. Just curious? Want to learn? Fancy a game? Please join us!