Courting on the River 2023: A&S Activities

We will be having both an A&S competition and classes!

For the competition:

Courting A&S Challlenge Art Through the Eyes of Your Persona This challenge is to create a piece of art that your persona would actually have created. Remember art has many different definitions. It’s expressing or implementing a creative skill and use of imagination. Use your imagination and skill to create a memorable piece that can be used or displayed as it would have been in the house, business or any other place where your persona would have been. Have fun and be creative!


For classes:

Schedule to be posted as the event gets closer! If you would like to teach a class, please email [email protected]

Class information at this time:

So you want to try scribal arts? presented by Baroness Hilary

A review of Midrealm scroll conventions, an explanation of the process from the award rec to the scroll being given out and how this applies to the design and layout of the scroll. Time given for participants to begin designing a scroll. We will look at the most often used manuscript “types” including knotwork, bar and ivy, trompe de l’oeil, and acanthus leaves.

A brief history of stamped cookies presented by Clara Clovenhoof
Come learn about some of the history, recipes, guilds, how they came to be, and even taste stamped cookies. 
Marzipan! Presented by Clara Clovenhoof
A make and take class to try your hand at making some subtleties. Learn about marzipan recipes and have fun creating! 


Learn the basics of long-armed cross stitch Presented by Metressa Alzbeta Michalik
A form of cross stitch used in period embroidery. Will include a discussion of how to convert award badges and other basic shapes for those who would like to create their own patterns.
20 kits will be available.
Medieval Feast Table Manners Presented by Metressa Alzbeta Michalik

An overview of medieval table manners during feasts with a focus on late 14th-century/early 15th-century Europe. Includes a discussion of manners that have stuck around to modern day as well as oddities that have been lost to time. Bring over your lunch and practice as we learn! Those intending to take part in the Midwestern Perfectly Period Feast in November 2023 will find this class of value.
No fee or limits on attendees
Introduction to Fiore dei Liberi’s “Lessons of the Dagger” Presented by Baron AElfred of Chester
This class will be a hands on Martial Arts and Sciences class that introduces the participants to the dagger plays of Fiore dei Liberi (the earliest known Italian master of arms.)
Number of Participants: 10 maximum (all must be at least 18 years old)
Equipment: Instructor will provide all needed equipment.
Introduction to Maille Presented by: Sorsha Cunningham 
This class will be a hands on lesson on the classic European 4n1 style weave. There will be a brief history of Maille and a demo of turning rings.. the lesson will go to opening and closing rings then putting them together to make the example projects.
Participants: 12 maximum (those aged 12 years and above are welcome)
Equipment: Pliers to use will be supplied by the instructor supply kits can be purchased from the instructor for $5
Oblong Chess Presented by Louis Xavier de Navarre
A variant of chess / shatranj played on a board that is 4 squares
wide and 16 squares long.  Description of the game, some options for
playing, and then a chance to try it.
A Brief Study of the Ottoman Sultanate of Women Presented by Muruvvet Mutfgin bint Mehmed Bey
Exploring and introducing a 150 year period of female influence within the Ottoman Empire