Courting on the River 2023: Lunch and Feast Information

We will NOT BE SERVING a lunch this year since we will be starting feast earlier in the day than in previous years. Tables will out in the common area and available to eat at it you would like to bring your own lunch. We will also have a small offering of day board snacks to help hold people over but please plan ahead with the knowledge that there will not be a lunch served/available.

Feast will be $15 for adults.

Youth feast tickets will be $8.

This year’s feast will have a 16th century Ottoman theme. Please be aware that we will also be starting feast between 4-4:30pm. We hope that this will ease the burden for those who would like to stay for feast but also have a long drive home after. If you are able to stay after feast, we will be having a dessert revel.

Feast Menu:


First Course:



Whipped Feta


Flat Bread

Fresh Vegetables






Second Course:

Terbiyeli Pirincli Tavuk Corbasi (Egg, Lemon, Chicken, and Rice Soup)

Nohut Corbasi (Chick Pea Soup)


Third Course:

Lamb, Goat, or Beef Kebab (TBD which meat)

Tavuk Kavurmasi (Fried Chicken)

Sarmisakli Pilay (Rice with garlic)

Beans with Sesame

Spinach with Pine Nuts

Beet Root Salad


Dessert and Beverages:







Feast ingredients will be added soon. Feel free to reach out to the feast steward if you have any questions.

Hope to see you there!